Creation as a Culture

RIP! is a film I tried to watch when it was first released, but was never able to get past the first half or so. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to watch it all, I could never find the time. It was a pleasant surprise that I would now need to sit down and finally watch it all. Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property are fascinating topics to me, and this film does a fairly good job at laying out the myriad of problems something as simple as a mashup track involves. The most interesting, and depressing part of the film for me is the section that talks about how much copyright continues to be extended, effectively locking up creative sources for essentially eternity. This personally effects me, as some of my favorite music is remix and sample heavy. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any relief in sight.

I also read The Culture Creatives, and found myself both agreeing and objecting to many of the defining characteristics of the “Green Creatives”. I consider myself a Green based on many of the core traits, but I am obviously extremely well acquainted with technology, and while I don’t always have the latest tech, I try to at least know about it. It’s interesting to drive a Prius, but I chose it because of the low cost of operation (I drive as much as 40,000 miles a year). I do understand that sociologists have to group people with broad sweeping definitions, but I was constantly wanting to interrupt the author and ask them where I fit into their nicely ordered world-view. I was also greatly amused by the mention that the first “hyper car” should be due out in 2001. How easy it is to make grand predictions, and how much easier it is to look back at the past and feel “what were you thinking?”

Closing thoughts: This is the first set of “readings” that are positive towards my questions about high-tech research while being sustainable: creative, motivated, and dedicated persons working towards common goals. People that understand that taking from our past and making our future from it make things better.


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